Rockd Fosgate Sound Systems The Ultimate in Sound Engineering

Rockd Fosgate is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of the best sound systems. The company has been in business for the past three decades and over the years, it has developed technologies that have made these electronics truly world class. Amplifiers from the range of Rockd Fosgate ensure that you get the highest power. They are highly efficient and powerful. You can choose between Prime Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers.


Rockd Fostgate subwoofers offer power packed music with ringing clear bass sound. These subwoofers are perfect for use in cars and in numerous other occasions. The powerful amplifiers and subwoofers are the preferred choice for stage concerts as well. Woofers come in different sizes and voice coil configurations, which makes them suitable for different kinds of uses.


Mobile speakers from Rockd Fosgate are equipped with state of the art features such as VAST and Flex-Fit. These speakers expand sound by 25% of its normal radius. So, the sound can be heard much more clearly over a wider range. The same technology, transferred into car speakers, ensures that the music is uniform and clear in the car.


Signal processors or integration processors from Rockd Fosgate are undeniably, some of the best in the world. The processors from this company have evolved over the years and offer the best sound quality that has every car audio enthusiast floored. The processors have won several awards over the years.



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